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Definitely a Superior Supplement

Nature’s Best Secret’s Garcinia Cambogia is a really top of the line supplement that does what they say it does!

I have been taking this product for 6 weeks and have lost 8 pounds. I take 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 capsules before lunch with a glass of water. I don’t feel as hungry, so I eat less.

I have also noticed that I have more energy – without that jittery feeling that the caffeine products can give you.

I could.’t be happier with the results that I am getting and highly recommend it! – Tara -July 17,2013


Great Product!

This is a great product! I could feel a significant difference in my body within the first couple days of taking it. My joints feel better and it has also helped with my high blood pressure. Thank you! – Ammason -August 4, 2013


Excellent Quality and Super Fast!! 

I give these high quality omega gel tabs to my 3 American Pitbull terriers, a blue, black and brindle and a big red. They are notorious for having bad skin problems , which they do or did, and after talking my Vet’s recommendation – 1500 mg of high quality fish oil(omegas) vs a handful of different RX scripts we can try out to until we find one that works well. The natural route has been working so far and I’m proud to say that combined with these fabulous Omegas and the genuine and generous assistance from my terrific Vet, JP Carew, all of my dogs are enjoying healthy, sore and itch free, skin and fur. Plus one big benefit we are also experiencing besides the soft luxurious coats my pups now wear, my blue who was suffering from random seizures for the last 3 yrs has been free of these horrid midnight experiences thus far!!

I should also mention these are burp and dog fart free!! No icky smells and the dogs eat them up. They totally love them in their food bowl chewing the little tabs right along with their pup food. Yum yum!!

This product is great and so is the price !!!!! As a repeat buyer I am very satisfied and will continue to purchase these high quality premium omega-3′s from Nature’s Best Secret as long as they remain 20$ and on amazon prime for super fast free shipping!!! Bravo for giving us quality for less, oh and super fast too!! Many thanks! – Kristen August, 21,2013